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CHROME XX is an All female-identifying hip hop improv group. We are not the dolls you are looking for.


They perform Live on Twitch the 2nd Sunday of the month @ 7pm PST! Chrome xx uses your suggestions to create rap stories, scenes and all forms of silliness, so drop your ideas in the chat!


chrome xx was Founded in 2021 by Zoryah NOmak, Belle Wood, Alba O'Neill & Abby A-O. 

Directed by Derek Reid


performer bioS

THE Originals, one and onlys 

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Zoryah Nomak

My hip-hop influences include poetry, Common, and Wu Tang Clan.  My comedy influences include 90s Def Comedy Jam, Bianca Del Rio, Dave Chappelle, and Richard Pryor.  

I’ve studied improv at The Groundlings and the Little Theater of Alexandria.  In addition to acting and comedy, My intent is not to become a millionaire, but only to bring more art to the world.  You are worthy of greatness!


Belle Wood

I love acting almost as much as I love The Office and buttered noodles. I just recently moved to New York for college after being trapped in the mitten state, Michigan, for wayyy too long.  Dry humor and sarcastic jokes are my go to but my friends are starting to get annoyed because they can never tell when I’m being serious or joking, but where’s the fun in telling the truth all the time.  But on a more serious note my passion is acting and I love this profession because actors get to be kids for their whole life and play make believe.  I am also very grateful that through performing I am able to  help people connect deeper with their emotions and feel a certain type of way wether it be happy, sad, surprised, ect.  In college I am studying film on top of acting and one day I hope to be behind the camera as well, directing.  Now, Ive had The Office paused for way to long while writing this so I have to get back to that, but always remember to follow your dreams and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.


Alba O’Neill

I am French American, and as such one of my strong points is being perfectly bilingual in English and French. I am also a singer : after training as a lyric mezzo-soprano at the Conservatory, I now collaborate in writing and performing pop-rock songs. 

I have a black belt in Tae Kwondo, and am an avid runner. I have also practiced crossfit, hip-hop and afro dancehall. As a Gemini, my tastes and desires change all the time : my current favorite hobby is longboarding! Another one of my passions is learning new languages : I can hold a basic conversation in German and Korean, and speak fluent Spanish. 


Abby A-O

Also A member of the IRL Los Angeles crew, abby A-O is an avid improvisor, comic and general trickster. She also streams with team Goombayo with Highwire improv. As a stand-up, she's performed at the Comedy dojo, Oh My Ribs! and Laugh Therapy @ Trencher's. You can see her in betrayed on ID/paramount Plus, The short Sick superhero Dir. Benedict chip or the web series rough draft, written by Cameron CARPENTER. Abby has appeared in campaigns for Google, Ford and White Claw. after graduating the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama , SHE appeared off-off West End at the Lyric Hammersmith Studio , The Bridewell, and the Cockpit In London.

Irl crew Los Angeles


I am Jeni Jones, an Emcee, award-winning Director & Actor, Jazz Dancer, Screenwriter, Producer, & Martial Artist. I can be found out in the wild regularly performing as a solo Emcee at HipHop shows & oftentimes hosting. My music is available on all platforms & my film credits can be found on IMDB. I also produce & host a weekly nationally-syndicated HipHop FM Radio Show: JENI FROM THE BEACH. 

Christina Stanley 

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